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Your Next Adventure Awaits:
Cozy Coffee House For Sale!

Ever dreamed of running your own coffee shop? Well, your dream might be about to come true! We're selling our beloved spot right in the lively centre of Delft. It's the perfect place for someone who is ready to pour love into every cup of coffee, just like we have always done. It's not just any coffee shop; it's a community favourite, where every customer leaves happier than they came.


Sounds like your cup of tea (or should we say coffee)? Read on!

Get in touch:

By clicking on the button below, you'll be directed to the webpage for Gert Blom, that real estate agent who's helping us with the sale:

What makes us special:

  • Location: Right where everything's happening in Delft, with loads of people walking by every day.

  • Mainstay since May 2015 - we've got history and a solid rep in the neighbourhood.

  • Space: A cozy 50m2 space that can fit up to 40 (inside & out) of your future fans.

  • Gear: Top-notch coffee machines and all the trimmings, ready for you to use.


  • Turn-key business: Koffie & Zo

  • Machinery, inventory, goodwill

  • Digital assets:

    • Socials (Instagram & Facebook)​

    • Website

    • Google Suite (business, drive, e-mail, photos)

    • Canva profile (with all files)

Room to grow:

  • Think bigger menu, longer hours, new catering customers, maybe even another location or a pop-up someday? There's tons of potential to grow here and to make this place even more amazing.

We've got your back:

  • Change can be scary, but we'll be here to show you the ropes before you take over, making sure you're all set to succeed.

Why we're passing the torch:

  • After five very good years, it is time for a new challenge. Koffie & Zo is ready for the next entrepreneur who can run it at its best for the next 5+ years with new energy and ideas.

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