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AeroPress Go: the new (small) coffee maker for home, work or on vacation!

The AeroPress has been a favorite in many households since its introduction in 2005. The plastic coffee maker is easy to use and even easier to take with you on holiday. All you need is water and ground coffee. The AeroPress was devised by its inventor Alan Adler in 2004 to make espresso without expensive equipment. By means of a simple technique you press the water through the coffee in a vacuum, which creates a pressure build-up and with which you can easily brew espressos.

What Alan Adler did not think in 2004 is that he has also devised a very good filter coffee maker with the AeroPress. If you fill the Aeropress with filter grind and a larger amount of water, you can easily make a mug full of filter coffee in no time. It's an easy way to make delicious filter coffee.

New: the Aeropress Go, the travel coffeemaker

Now Alan Adler has launched a new variation of the Aeropress: the Aeropress GO. An even more manageable version that has everything you need to make coffee on the road. That's why they call the Aeropress 'The Travel Coffeemaker'. The Aeropress and all its accessories fit snugly into a travel mug that has a maximum capacity of 15oz (444ml). In addition, you get a handy holder for 20 filters, a folding stir bar and scoop (maximum 14 g).

Curious how you can make delicious coffee with the Aeropress Go? look at here the range of AeroPress recipes that are on YouTube. The AeroPress is not only a favorite among coffee nerds, but also versatile for novice coffee lovers.


AeroPress, Inc. the company of inventor Alan Adler

The AeroPress has been a favorite in coffee land for years. Coffee lovers all over the world have been enjoying the AeroPress since 2005. AeroPress Inc president Alan Adler is known for his mountain of patents. In addition to the AeroPress patent, he also has a patent on the Aerobie frisbee, a patent on a military aircraft, nuclear reactor and a submarine. The AeroPress is so popular worldwide that even an independent movie has been made about it.

AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

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