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Product Description

Een moderne drinkbeker met een Italiaanse achtergrond. Door zijn verhaal onderscheidt de beker zich subtiel in design waardoor het vasthouden een lust is. Zodra je de beker in handen krijgt ben je in een klap verliefd. Probeer het uit en kies voor duurzaam en lokaal geproduceerd!


Generic information


All our stoneware products are oven and dishwasher safe and can be put in the microwave. You can also temporarily put the parts of the product in the freezer, which also makes it possible to serve dishes as cold as possible. You can of course choose to wash by hand if you prefer so. What the product cannot tolerate is undergoing a thermal shock. To avoid damage or breakage, products should be handled with care. They remain artisanal and handmade products that must be treated with certain care to ensure long-term use.


Extra information

The stoneware products are fired at high temperatures in the oven. By doing this stoneware clay loses its porosity and no longer absorbs moisture, odors, or colours. The glaze creates a resistant surface, suitable for food. The glazed surface neither absorbs nor separates. Due to the traditional method of all our products, which are completely handmade, it is possible that small variations in shape and color may occur, we hope you will appreciate this, it makes our products unique.


Product Information

Content (ml)120
Dimensions (cm)12 X 8
Dishwasher safe
Food safe
Microwave safe
Oven safe

015 Keramiek - lattebeker

€ 22,00 Normale prijs
€ 13,20Verkoopprijs
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